Today the most used operating system through out the globe is windows10 which has many advanced features and one feature most commonly used is Bluetooth to connect to other components such as mobile, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse which all works on Bluetooth connectivity to do work more smartly and efficiently. In such cases if there are issues regarding connectivity of Bluetooth to such devices will effect in terms of productivity of work, so this issue needs to be solved. There are various ways to fix this issue which are mentioned below in simple terms so that anyone can able to understand and solve it.

Here are the ways:

->One using services application

->Using troubleshooter

One using services application :

->Go to search bar located in the bottom of the home screen in your respective pc or laptop.

->Type services.msc in that bar and then click on enter button.

->A window will be opened which displays all the services running in the pc.

->Then search for Bluetooth service where you will find 4 options associated with it.

->Then select the option which is named as "Bluetooth Support Service ".

->Then right click on this option where you need to select the properties option where another window will open.

->In that window there is a option which says that the Bluetooth status is disabled which you need to select to process further.

->Then change the status to Automatic from the availabile options.

->Then click on the start option which is below this option.

->As soon as you click on the start option a window will open which shows the progress of Bluetooth.

->Then you will get all the devices which you want to connect with the pc.

->For safety click on restart option which ensures the changes are made successfully to fix this issue

Using troubleshooter:

This technique is very simple to fix this issue. Follow the below instructions :

-> Go to start option which is located in the left bottom of your screen in your respective pc.

->Then go to settings option which will be on the top of the start menu options.

->then type troubleshooter in the search bar.

->Click enter.

->Then a window appears where you need to select the Bluetooth option from all the available options which is in the middle of the window.

->You can find under the section of fix and other problems click on that then a window appears which starts the troubleshooting process.

->After a few seconds or minutes there will be a window showing that the troubleshooting is completed and all the available devices will start functioning.

There is another way to fix this issue is that giving access to control the device. In order to achieve this all the users should be having permission to change the settings in order to solve and this should be permitted by admin. Sometimes you have to face err_cache_miss error also.

Even if we perform the above methods the error still persists we need to contact the windows 10 software experts team which will solve the error for sure.


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